Miguel Piedrafita



Web3 is not a space, but a tool

Miguel Piedrafita


Brain dump on post-crypto perspective, and re-exploring who I want to be.

I learnt to code because I wanted to "build things". For years, I built app after app, not only as a way to learn more and more, but also to bring my ideas to life.

I learned how to do frontend, backend, design, even how to do marketing and to PM myself, in a quest to achieve all the skills necessary to create everything I wanted to. To learn enough to be dangerous.

Getting into crypto derailed this a little bit, and I feel I'm only now regaining focus. Part of this was because there was a lot to learn, and part of it was letting myself get lost in my curiosity.

I've long admired people like the Paradigm Research team, and dreamed about mastering the EVM, learning all about zero-knowledge cryptography, becoming a blockchain infrastructure expert, and maybe eventually becoming a "researcher".

I feel like, as many in the crypto space are guilty of, I let myself forget that all of these amazing technologies (blockchains, ZKPs, etc.) are just that, tech. A means to an end.

There will always be incredibly smart people pushing these tools to their limits, maybe even dreaming entire new industries and paradigms. But that's not my role, nor something I enjoy as much as building.

It turns out, the thing I enjoy the most is still to create things, to translate a new idea in my head into something usable. All these amazing web3 tools are just another tool in my arsenal.

Looking back at who I want to become, I feel much more inspired by people like Jordan Singer (and his motto "i build my ideas") than by any of the giga-brains in the space.

When learning about a new tool or architecture, there's usually a time where you overuse it, and that's how you end up learning its place. For some reason, this time it took me more than a year.

Anyways, I'll keep building. Been working on some really cool Lens projects lately. And there's that OS I've been wanting to build for years, and many other ideas I've been slowly growing for ages. More soon?